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SAMARPIT – Centre for Poverty Alleviation and Social Research, a registered NGO for the cause of human welfare. This was established in the year of 1998 by a team of Eminent Social Scientist and professionals from divers sectors of CG and MP state. Educationists, Doctors, Anthropologists, and determined Social Workers also have been associated with organisation.
The major aim of the organization is- “To bring change in the holistic lives of poor, marginalized and needy people for their development and connect with the world” Since inception of the organization, the efforts are being made by implementation of various social activities and development programs with the participation of local Community, Administration, Development partners and experts. Samarpit has received major support from government departments and development agencies for implementation of different community based interventions for the welfare of local communities of CG state.


Legal Info:-

Registered under the MP Society Registration Society Act,1973 Registration No:- BS/2133
Date of Registration 17/04/1998
Registering Authority Assistant Registrar, Firms and Society, Bilaspur, CG
Name of the chief functionary Dr. Sandeep Sharma, President
Address of the chief functionary 37,Geetanjali Enclave, Ring Road No.-2 Bilaspur ( C.G.) 495 001 Mob. No: 098934-28881
Email Id samarpitcg@gmail.com
Website URL www.samarpit.org
Niti Ayog NGO Darpan Portal Id CG/2009/0008174
UDYAM Registration No. UDYAM-CG-02-0007020
SKILL INDIA Registration No TP070670



Our all efforts are dedicated to make this world a better place to live in.




SAMARPIT’s mission is to create opportunities of sustainable pattern of production and consumption for poverty alleviation by adopting schemes being pro – poor, pro – women, pro – child, pro – disadvantaged groups and pro – environment


Core Values:-


  •  Samarpit is driven by Vision & Mission,
  •  Respect Stakeholders and Staff,
  •  Operate with Humility,
  •  Believe in Gender equity and Equality,
  •  Do not tolerate any kind of Discrimination or Harassment,


Major Objectives:-


  • To collaborate with government departments, Civil Society Organizations and
    development partners/ agencies for promoting the community issues,
  • To develop capacity of community through IEC and Training activities,
  • To promote, support and or undertake studies, projects, designs of social
    development project based on empowerment of targeted community/ people,
  • To provides support in implementation, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of
    development assignments of social sectors such as Livelihood, Rural
    Development, Health, HIV/AIDS, Education, WASH, Nutrition, Environment, Natural
    Resources Management, Preservation of Environment and Ecology, Promotion of
    public Health, Agricultural, Natural Resources, herbal farming, Horticulture,
    Rights of Marginalized community and other SDGs,
  • To implement, evolve systems of health and educational outreach programs in
    rural and in urban areas where clusters of low income groups exist and to
    promote all means of health (Hospital, primary health centers), education
    (Financial literacy, vocational/ skill), training based on contemporary social
    values and ethics, in accordance with the current and future sartorial needs of the
  • To promote women activities based on elimination of gender gap, participation in
    PRIs and local institutions, decision making process to empower them,
  • To establish and run non formal school, institutions and to support or run care
    centers for the deprived children, youth, women, tribal, disabled, aged and needy
  • To grant or give scholarship, stipend, prizes, rewards, allowance and other
    financial assistance for socially and economically underprivileged students,
  • To organize and implement programs for rehabilitation and mainstreaming of
    persons in disadvantaged conditions or with disability and to support their
    ventures in self-employment and enterprising activities through extension
    education of vocational nature and aimed at their capacity building and
  • To assist by providing monetary and other help assistance for the relief of persons
    effected by natural and other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone,
    tsunami, earth quake, storm, accident, pestilence, drought, epidemic, Covid-19
    pandemic etc.,
  • To receive donation or contribution from organizations, establishments,
    institutions, centers, and or persons for community relief work on such occasions,
  • To provide education for children and women of vulnerable sections,
  • To run skill development activities for women and youth to generate income and
  • To support in implementation and monitoring of social welfare schemes promoted
    by central and state government and local administrations,




  • Active and divers governing board/ management committee;
  •  More than 178 full time, 25 part time staff and team of volunteers;
  • Team of experts belongs from academic institutions, Agri., horti., forest, public health, governance, finance, engineering, social/ development sectors;
  • Association/ recognition with different government departments/ support agencies and civil society leaders;
  • Network of CBOs and be the part of different national and state level networks;




  • Community Mobilization
  • IEC/ BCC
  • Demand generation and accessibility of services
  • Participatory Training
  • Networking and Advocacy
  • Skill development
  • Coordination and Linkage with different agencies/ departments/ organizations and individual experts.
  • Convergence
  • Skill Development, Capacity Building.
  •  Road Safety Awareness and Advocasy.
  •  Nutrition, Health, HIV/ AIDS Sanitation.
  •  Consumer Affairs.
  •  Base Line Survey / Need Assessment.
  •  Prevention of Alcoholism & Substance (Drugs)
  •  Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and
    Older Persons.
  •  Consultancy for Technical Assistance.
  •  Watershed.
  •  Literacy, Education and legal Literacy,
  •  Child Labor and Child Care & Protection.
  • Youth Development and Livelihood
  •  Agriculture / Horticulture / Sericulture / Organic Farming / Veterinary.
  •  Gender issues and socio-economic empowerment of women.
  •  Environmental issues (including awareness, implementation and training).
  •  Group organization i.e self help groups, Co-operatives, Users group federation CBO strengthening etc.
  •  Awareness raising and campaigns against Social evil and abuses.
  •  Support Functions including Training for capacity Enhancement Of trainers / community members and Marketing if rural /artisan product.


Thematic areas:-


• Skill Development, Capacity Building.
• Road Safety Awareness and Advocasy.
• Nutrition, Health, HIV/ AIDS Sanitation.
• Consumer Affairs.
• Base Line Survey / Need Assessment.
• Prevention of Alcoholism & Substance (Drugs)
• Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and
Older Persons.
• Consultancy for Technical Assistance.
• Watershed.
• Literacy, Education and legal Literacy,
• Child Labor and Child Care & Protection.

• Youth Development and Livelihood
• Agriculture / Horticulture / Sericulture / Organic Farming / Veterinary.
• Gender issues and socio-economic empowerment of women.
• Environmental issues (including awareness, implementation and training).
• Group organization i.e self help groups, Co-operatives, Users group federation
CBO strengthening etc.
• Awareness raising and campaigns against Social evil and abuses.
• Support Functions including Training for capacity Enhancement Of trainers /
community members and Marketing if rural /artisan product.


Target Group:-

Children, Adolescent, Woman, Elderly People, Rural Community, Farmer, Tribal, HIV
infected, Poor and marginalized community.


Major Program/ activities:-


Activity Opr. area Support agency
Children Home (Boys & Girls) Jashpur Ministry of DWCD,GOI
Outreach and Drop in Centre (ODIC) Bilaspur Ministry of Social Justice and
Empowerment, GOI
Child line 1098 Service Bilaspur and
Ministry of DWCD,GOI
 Railway Child Help Desk  Bilaspur  Ministry of DWCD,GOI
 HIV / AIDS – Targeted Intervention Project  Bilaspur  CGSACS, DoHFW under NACO
 HIV/AIDS–Transit Migrant Intervention Project  Bilaspur  CGSACS, DoHFW under NACO
 Link Worker Scheme  Bilaspur  CGSACS, DoHFW under NACO
 HIV / AIDS prevention based (PPTCT) Project  Bilaspur  ILFS Through NACO
 NAI ROSHNI–Leadership Development  Bilaspur  Ministry of Minority Affairs, GoI
Centre for Financial Literacy All District of
Formation and Promotion of Honey FPOs Bilaspur,
Sarguja and
TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs,
GOI & Ministry of Agriculture and
Farmer Welfare,GOI
Training program on Minor Forest Produce  Bilaspur TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs,
City Livelihood Centre of DAY NULM  Bilaspur Ministry of Housing & Poverty
Alleviation, GoI
RCH Project  Bilaspur department of Health and Family Welfare, GoCG
Railway CHILDLINE  Bilaspur MoWCD, GoI
National Child Labor Project  Bilaspur Ministry of Labour, GoI
Depositor Education and Awareness Programme  Bilaspur Reserve Bank Of India (RBI))
Consumer Awareness Programmes  Bilaspur TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA (TRAI)
Women Self Help Groups- 500  Bilaspur Self Funding
Entrepreneurship Development Program  Bilaspur NUNLM MoH& PA, GoI
Project Axshaya on TB/RNCTP)  Bilaspur CHAI, NDL
Open Shelter Home (Boys)  Bilaspur MOWCD, GOI
Kushabhau Thakarey Yuva Jan Vikas Yojna  Bilaspur SUDA, GoCG
Awareness Generation against consumption of Alcoholism  Bilaspur CG breweries


Other Programs:- 


➢ Social Mobilization and Institution Development in BIlaspur under the support of
➢ SWALAMBAN Scheme in Bilaspur supported by DWCD, CG;
➢ National Horticulture Mission in Bilaspur supported by Agri. Dept of CG;
➢ Adult Education for Women Slum of Bilaspur by Self Funding;
➢ PRERNA YOJANA under National Population Stabilization Fund;
➢ Youth Development Centre in Darrighat, Masturi Block, Bilaspur District under the
support of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, GoI;
➢ Evaluation of Projects under DPAP of RGM Watershed in Rajanandgaon District
supported by Dept. of P & RD, GoCG;
➢ Sustainable Internal Mainstreaming Program in Local Entities (SIMPAL) Project in
Bilaspur supported by INSA India, Bangalore;
➢ Chhattisgarh Sericulture Project in Jashpur & Raigarh under the support of
Department of Sericulture, GoCG;
➢ Continual Education Programme in Jashpur under the support of District
Education Department, Jashpur;
➢ Vocational Training Programme on Housekeeping, Stitching, Embroidery, Zardosi
work, Security Guard, Masons (Raj Mistry) and Electrician by self funding;
➢ NAVA JATAN under the support of DWCD, Bilaspur;
➢ Awareness generation on NREGS in Bilaspur under the support of CAPART/ GoI;
➢ Seminar on Life and General Insurance supported by RBI;
➢ Free education for Handicapped Children by Self Funding;
➢ Total Sanitation awareness Generation campaigning by self funding;
➢ Education regarding proper sanitation & hygienic profits of neat & clean
Environment & surroundings by self funding;
➢ Women appraisement drives by Self Funding;
➢ Support/ participation in different health awareness programs by self funding ;


Association/ Membership with different Organizations/ Agencies/ Departments:- 


➢ Registered under Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana;
➢ Registered under SKILL India
➢ Registered under UDYAM
➢ Registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI);
➢ Registered with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) as Consumer
➢ Registered with Nehru Yuva Kendra, Bilaspur(C.G.) working under Ministry of
Youth Affairs and Sports; Government of India;
➢ Associate with Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA);
➢ Empanel with Ministry of Minority Affairs, GOI;
➢ Member, Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority (CGSLSA);
➢ Member, State Shelter Monitoring Committee working under NULM;
➢ Member, Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.


Financial Status:-

Year Source Amount
(Receipt and
Payment) INR
(Income and
Expenditure INR)
2021 – 2022 Government Agency , NGOs & Self 4,25,78,564.00 4,45,46,491.00
2020 – 2021 Government Agency , NGOs & Self 2,63,98,423.00 2,60,02,651.00
2019 – 2020 Government Agency , NGOs & Self 2,40,21,983.00 2,45,91,332.00


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